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Episode 4: Paying it Forward
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Episode 5
Why did I have IBS?
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If you're looking for the accompanying notes for episode 5, why did I have IBS? from My IBS Story - the podcast you're in the right place!


Let’s jump into today's episode! 


Purpose of this episode: ✔️ to talk about what came up for me during the therapy session that gave me relief and freedom from IBS! 

If you want to skip ahead:

 Setting the scene

 The RTT Session

→ What came up?

→ Want to find out more about RTT?

→ Words of advice - words to remove from your vocabulary

 Support for Thoughts of Suicide

In this episode I am again joined by the person

who helped me get relief and freedom

from the IBS!

Tracy Stone, founder of Limitless Potential,

Advanced RTT Therapist, Clinical

Hypnotherapist, Coach and Author.

Setting the scene

Tracy and I worked together back in 2018.


I heard about RTT on a meditation retreat, when I had wifi I started to research EVERYTHING about RTT for a few weeks, I looked for a local therapist and found Tracy. I then arranged a consultation with Tracy. We had the consultation on 24th Spet 2018 and I booked in the RTT session the very next day! I didn't want to wait a minute later!

We had the conultation, at the time my bottom was bleeding on a daily basis (chronic anal fissures), living on laxatives, eating the low FODMAP diet, constipation, bloating. 

After the consultation I had found everything out I needed toknow to decide if I wasnted to do RTT for the IBS. I asked myself "what have you got to loose?" Best case: relief or free from IBS. Worst case: Lose some money.

I decided to go for it and said yes to possibility! It just felt right and I gained so much from doing it!

I decided I'm all in, I'm doing this and booked the RTT session for the following day!

The RTT Session


During the Rapid Transformational Therapy session Tracy started the session by talking about why I wanted the session (all about the IBS - constant pain, bloating, anal fissures, psychological struggles). Tracy then guided me into hypnosis, I wasn't nervous even though it was the first time I was being hypnotised. She showed me that I was in control. Tracy guided me back to scenes about the IBS. I wasn't sure anything would come, but I was reassured to relax and just let  things unfold.


What came up?


What was the insight, understand of what was going on at a deep subconscious level, all about why I had the IBS.


The subconsious acts like a filing cabinet. I had learnt to connect IBS things like pain and bleeding was all about:

  • Natalie's other symptoms in life

  • the need to be heard and seen

  • the pain and loss I had experienced as a young child had been suppressed


"These things were all swept under the carpet."


The IBS allowed all of this to come out of me physically, I was hurting, loss of my voice, loss of my Mum who died when I was 7 years old, not feeling allowed to express negative feelings. I wanted to scream out because of the emotional pain, instead my body screamed for me, all those bottled up emotions had to find a way to be expressed.

I had no idea this was a thing! I did not think suppressing emotions would have a physical effect!

In the session Tracy used RTT tools so I could express the emotions I had been bottling up, suppressing.

I dug deep, so I was quite tired after the session ,but also lighter because the burden had been lifted. I started listening to the personalised recording every day for the 21 days.

I felt the change pretty immediately. I started pooing daily, tummy pains gone, 5 days after the session & I had a "normal" cake - not gluten-free!!! No flare up, no bloat, no distention, NO REACTION! Then I started eating all the trigger foods to test if this was real.

I persevered with the recording and I no longer have IBS or anal fissures (anal bleeding) and I have been pain-free and symptom-free for almost 3 years at the time of writing/recording this!

I have ZERO regrets of choosing to do this therapeutic treatment for IBS because of the profound shift for me, and my career!


I have trained in RTT and specialise in helping clients with IBS, just as Tracy helped me.

You are not stuck with IBS forever. 

Relief from IBS is available to you!


Want to find out more about RTT?

 Email Natalie

 Book a FREE consultation with Natalie

 Text Natalie on 07503 817 397 (UK number)

 Check out Natalie's web page for more info about RTT for IBS

Words of advice

Remove the following words from your vocabulary:

1. Try - don't "try" anything, change that word to something that's more empowering

2. Hope - when we hope for something we don't beleive it's possible. Instead !'m doing this, or I'm not doing this.

3. My - when we use the word my, we are taking ownership. If you don't want something, change the word my to the word "the"..."the IBS""the worries", "the stress" etc. 

Do stuff, love stuff, be kind to yourself.


Learn how to talk to yourself as you would a person you love and respect.

In the next episode, ​I will be talking to a client who had RTT for IBS with me and they will be sharing their journey of having RTT for IBS and what her life is like now.


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Tracy Stone


Support for Thoughts of Suicide

UK: When life is difficult, Samaritans are available day or night, 365 days a year. You can call them for free on 116 123, email them at, or visit to find your nearest branch.


United States: Help is available through the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. You can call them for free 24/7 on 1-800-273-8255

With love,