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A Podcast about IBS: My IBS Story

I have decided to be brave, and courageous...

I have decided to be open, and honest...

I have decided to share my WHOLE irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) story, completely unfiltered! An access all areas, if you will.

I have decided to share my IBS story with anyone that wants to hear about it. Whether you have IBS, know someone who has IBS, or are simply a little curious.

This podcast, My IBS Story, will take you on a journey of what it was like for someone who was living with IBS for over a decade. Who was living on IBS medication, having to avoid certain foods (low FODMAP diet), buying loads of peppermint oil, the list goes on.

Along with the podcast are show notes for each episode to help bring the story more to life and to share helpful links and resources for the podcast listeners.

I found IBS a seriously difficult condition to live with, the physical pain was excruciating at times, the mental health impacts were huge and to top it off... apparently the best I could wish for was managing the IBS symptoms.

After many tears, trying everything the medical professionals could offer me and pretty much everything I could think of...I finally found something that not only gave me relief from IBS, I actually do not have any IBS pain, or any IBS symptoms. And it has been this way since 2018 (it's Jan 2022 when I'm writing this).

I have decided to share my WHOLE story to:

1/ be the light at the end of the tunnel for others living with IBS

2/ show IBS sufferers that IBS does not need to be life-long

Life does not have to be on IBS medication!

Life does not have to be all about low FODMAPs!

Life does not have to revolve around being close to a toilet!

Life does not have to be about restriction and missing out on the things you want to do!

It can be another way

I invite any curious IBS sufferers out there to listen to this podcast, just to see what someone else's story is like. To see how bad my suffering was. To see how bad the IBS got before enough was enough and I had to do something about it, or face a miserable life filled with pain, suffering and restriction.

Are you curious...?

Are you up for nitty gritty details about the life I had with IBS...?

Are you willing to spare some time in your life to listen to this potentially life changing story?

If it's a yes to the above...this podcast is for you! And I look forward to speaking to you and sharing my story!

My IBS Story - A podcast all about Natalie's life of living with IBS

With love,

Natalie (Previous IBS sufferer)

P.S. You can call me on +44 (0) 7503 817 397 or send me an email

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