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ibs: the school run(s)!

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

It's the first full week back to doing the school run for parents and carers all around the UK after 5 months off. For those with IBS-D and IBS-M, this can bring about a sense of unease, anxiety and stress.

IBS-D is irritable bowel syndrome with the main symptoms being diarrhoea. People living with IBS-D and IBS-M (mixed: constipation & diarrhoea) can find that they need the toilet very urgently and can have diarrhoea multiple times a day.

Those doing the school run may be feeling:

1/ afraid they're going to have an accident during school drop off / pick up

2/ scared about how they are going to get their child(ren) to school ON TIME while jugging toilet visits

3/ skip breakfast in the hope that they will have less bathroom visits

Having "the runs" on the school run is no joke! It's scary and carries feelings of shame and embarrassment, among others. You don't want to rush the kids out the car into the school gates, rush saying goodbye, or rushing them home after school so you can get to the toilet ASAP.

For those living with IBS-D and IBS-M, the urgency can get in the way of daily life and drag our mood severely south!

I'm here to tell you that can all change!

IBS does not have to rule you, you do not need to take medicine like Imodium to manage your symptoms and get you through the school run. You can be relieved of the symptoms of IBS, and even free from the symptoms with Rapid Transformation Therapy for IBS!

Fed up trying to medicate or control the IBS-D or IBS-M, diarrhoea or any other IBS symptom?

If it's a "yes!" get in touch.

I know that I can help you! I know because I am free from IBS and so are my happy clients!

With love,


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