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me and my ibs

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

The relationship we have with a medical conditions and the stories we tell ourselves about a diagnosis are so important. To me, we do not talked about this relationship enough.

The words we think and say play a huge role in the relationship we create with a condition, words like "my IBS".

I found that I became one with the IBS through the words I would say and think, I developed a relationship it the IBS! The IBS became a part of me!

I would say things like "I can't eat that because of my IBS", " IBS is bad today".

When we say "my" in a way we are saying that we own it. Do you want to own your condition?

As time went on the IBS became a bigger and bigger part of me, and I was part of it.

I never wanted to own IBS! I wanted to be free from IBS! I was completely unaware that the words I was saying and thinking affected the IBS and affected me, to the point IBS was becoming part of my identity. I would find myself saying "my IBS" this, "my IBS "that - I was giving the IBS more power over me and more control over my life every time I did that. So much so I could not imagine my life without IBS! The IBS became more and more mine.

I'm very glad to say that I do not own IBS, and IBS does not own me, IBS is not mine and I am not IBS.

IBS has no place in my life, it is out of my life. I am pain-free, symptom-free and have been for 2+ years now.

You can be too! I know because I am and so are the happy clients! The only thing left to say in...if not now, then when?

With love,


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