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Reflections of a Therapist

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

Wow...I have been working with clients for 9 months now! That's how long it takes to make a baby! Holy moly time does actually fly!

Anyhow...after seeing many clients with digestive issues, including IBS, I have noticed that people with IBS-D tend to have a very familiar experience...when we go back to a scene all to do with the cause of the IBS...clients go back to a scene where"I've pooped my pants", "I just shit my pants", "I've made a mess in my pants", "I've soiled myself". You get the picture!

If you have IBS-D, perhaps scenes like this are behind your IBS-D? Ponder that thought...

Scenes like this make us BELIEVE that we have NO CONTROL over our bowels, and when we have this belief, our body follows the lead...and hey presto, the gut-brain axis can cause havoc for us!

Are you ready to review the scenes from your past that are all to do with why you have IBS in order to be relieved from IBS? Or even overcome IBS?

If the answer is YES, let's chat! I would love to help set you move on from IBS, just as I have!

With love,


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