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You're Seeing A Gastro-what?

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

If you have IBS you may have seen a Gastroenterologist...someone who specialises in the digestive system.

Perhaps the medical professional you saw for the IBS was a gastrointestinal surgeon, or a colonrectal surgeon?

A gastrointestinal surgeon will normally specialse in either "upper" or "lower" gastrointstinal surgery. FYI a colorectal surgeon is a lower gastrointestinal surgeon - they're the same thing. I know, weird, right?

Anyhow, if you've seen anyone that works in "gastro" (that's gastroenterology shortened) chances are you've had some pretty intimate examinations, medical investigations involving a camera being inserted into your body and maybe even an operation!

While it is not common for people with IBS to have an operation for the IBS, I was one of those people who had such bad anal fissures that refused to heal or respond to medication the colorectal surgeon decided to give me an operation...botox in the butt!

Unfortunately one general anesthetic and one botox injection in the butt later to give the anal fissures a chance to heal, the anal fissures did not budge. At this stage I had tried everything the colorectal surgeon had to suggest to me - back to square one (or so I thought!) This made me even more determined to "get to the bottom of this".

If you've had surgery for IBS symptoms and not had the desired effects, if you do not want to get to this point of having invasive investigations or surgery contact me to find out more about Rapid Transformational Therapy which can help you get some relief from the IBS pain!

You can call me on +44 (0) 7503 817 397 or send me an email

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