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I am a certified Rapid Transformational Therapy™ (RTT™) Practitioner, Hypnotherapist and Coach based in Buckinghamshire, UK.

On a mission to help and support people to achieve their optimum physical health and mental wellbeing, to fulfil their potential, to flourish and live a happy and fulfilling life. I use my range of experience and skills that I have acquired over many years to transform the life of my clients.

I specialise in RTT™ for IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), helping clients alleviate the symptoms and the psychological/emotional impact through the use of RTT™ which is a powerful combined therapy of hypnotherapy, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and psychotherapy.

One of my parents died when I was seven, this has driven me to help myself and others achieve their optimal physical health and mental wellbeing. Not only this, I am also passionate about people living a happy and fulfilling life where they get the most out of it and achieve their true potential! 


My own health journey has led me to train in Rapid Transformational Therapy™ and specialise in irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and the associated emotional and psychological issues such as stress, depression and anxiety. 


I can vividly remember having IBS symptoms when I was 16. I ignored the symptoms of bloating, constipation and stomach pain for around 7 years and was diagnosed with IBS when I was 23. I was told there's no known cause and no known cure…destined for a life with IBS and ALL that goes with it!

I was pretty unaware that the symptoms like bloating, distention, constipation were really affecting my mood, energy and overall quality of life. The symptoms were changing how I lived my life and who I was. I didn’t feel like socialising, hated doing pretty much any activity like going out for a meal, going clubbing, going to the cinema. I didn’t like the hassle of it all! “Do you have a gluten free menu?" "I'll have X off the gluten free menu, oh...could I have that without the onions please?" The bloating from fizzy drinks, cocktails and general discomfort in my gut made me feel so miserable, so I landed up living a more sheltered life.


By the time I was diagnosed I had studied Psychology (interested in health psychology) and Public Health. Then came all of the invasive physical examinations, investigatory tests, colonic irrigations, probiotics, a minor operation, low FODMAP diet, yoga (thanks to Yoga With Adriene), meditation and mindfulness. I had counselling, I started studying counselling. All on a mission to help alleviate the pain, suffering and misery that was within me.

Seven years on, I met a lady on a meditation retreat who had suffered the exact same IBS symptoms as I was experiencing at the time. She told me about RTT™, she told me that not only were her symptoms alleviated, the IBS symptoms went completely and she had been IBS free for years!


I thought...pffft, YEAH RIGHT! I'm a healthy skeptic with a scientific background after all. However, I was intrigued about her story and researched RTT™ and decided to find a Practitioner near me and have a free consultation.


By the end of the consultation I figured after the lady's story, the research I had done AND the consultation I thought "what do I have to lose? Worst case scenario: I lose some money. Best case: I’m pain and symptom free!" So I went for it!


And guess what…not only have the IBS symptoms been alleviated, I have been free from IBS ever since! No flare ups…I am pain and symptom free! I feel so passionate about RTT™ because it gave me my life back. I don’t have to follow a low FODMAP diet and I am free to do what I want, no longer restricted by the symptoms! 


This is why I have trained in RTT™, to share this powerful and life changing therapy with people just like you because we all deserve to live a happy and fulfilled life. I have made it my mission to share RTT™, my expertise and experience with as many people as possible, especially anyone who has been told that they have to live with IBS! This is why I have chosen to specialise in RTT™ for IBS.


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I want you to know that you are in safe hands, I am deeply passionate about helping and supporting people achieve their optimal health and wellbeing, to live a happy and fulfilling life.


I live and breathe this work and will give you my absolute best. I am completely committed to giving you my undivided attention and will do everything I can to help and support you. Life-long learning, continued professional and personal development are some of my top priorities to ensure I give you my absolute best.


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