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About Natalie

Natalie Mears is a Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner and has been trained by Marisa Peer in the powerful and life changing therapy of RTT. 


Before becoming an RTT Practitioner Natalie had a career in Public Health, specialising in sexual and mental health. 


After her 10 year career in Public Health, she set up her therapy practice where she has treated a variety of clients with varying issues. Natalie is also an Irritable Bowel Syndrome Specialist, Hypnotherapist, Coach and soon-to-be published podcaster. 


Natalie is an Alumni Member of The London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine


Although Buckinghamshire based, Natalie can work with anyone around the world online and sometimes a home or office visit may be possible (England only) with Natalie's mobile service*. Her website is


Natalie vividly remembers having IBS symptoms when she was 16 (see image). She ignored the symptoms of bloating, constipation and stomach pain for around 7 years and was diagnosed with IBS aged 23. When she was diagnosed she was told "there's no known cause and no known cure"…which made Natalie conclude that she was destined for a life with IBS and ALL that goes with it!

Me aged 16 with my first IBS flare up.png

For years Natalie was oblivious that the symptoms like bloating, distention, constipation were really affecting her mental health, energy and overall quality of life. The symptoms were changing how she lived her life and who she was! She didn’t feel like socialising, hated doing pretty much any activity like going out for a meal, going clubbing, going to the cinema. She didn’t like the hassle of it all! “Do you have a gluten free menu?" "Can you do X off the gluten free menu, oh...could you do that without the onions please?" The bloating from fizzy drinks, cocktails and general discomfort in her gut made her feel so miserable, so she landed up living a more sheltered life.

By the time Natalie was diagnosed with IBS (aged 23) she had studied Psychology (BSc) and Public Health (MSc). Once diagnosed, cue the invasive physical examinations, investigatory tests, colonic irrigations, probiotics, a minor operation, low FODMAP diet, yoga (thanks to Yoga With Adriene), meditation and mindfulness. Natalie had counselling and started studying counselling, all on a mission to help alleviate the pain, suffering and misery that was within her.

IMG_3258 - Copy_edited_edited.jpg

Seven years on (aged 30) Natalie met a lady on a meditation retreat who had suffered the exact same IBS symptoms as Natalie was experiencing at the time. The lady told Natalie about RTT™ and suggested having it to help the symptoms. Being a healthy skeptic she though "...pffft, YEAH RIGHT! There's no escape from IBS, the doctor told me. However, Natalie was intrigued about the lady's story and decided to research RTT™ and find a Practitioner to book a free consultation. By the end of the consultation she figured after the lady's story, the research Natalie had done AND the consultation she thought "what do you have to lose? Worst case scenario: you lose some money. Best case: you're pain and symptom free!" So Natalie went for it!

And guess what…not only have the IBS symptoms been alleviated, Natalie has been free from IBS ever since! No more flare ups…pain and symptom free!


Natalie feels so passionate about RTT™ because it gave her her life back. No longer following a low FODMAP diet, free to make choices, say yes to longer restricted by the symptoms! 


This is why Natalie trained in RTT™, to share this powerful and life changing therapy with people just like you because we all deserve to live a happy and fulfilled life. Natalie has made it her mission to share RTT™, her expertise and experience with as many people as possible, especially anyone who has been told that they have to live with IBS! This is why Natalie has chosen to specialise in RTT™ for IBS.

Natalie is here to remind you that:

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Natalie's commitment to you

With Natalie you are in safe hands, she is a deeply passionate passionate practitioner set on helping and supporting clients achieve their optimal health and wellbeing, to live a happy and fulfilling life.


Natalie lives and breathes this work and will give you her absolute best. She is completely committed to giving you her undivided attention and will do everything she can to help and support you. Life-long learning, continued professional and personal development are some of Natalie's top priorities to ensure she gives you her absolute best.


Qualifications, Certificates & Training

Natalie's Inspiration List

I am deeply grateful to have come across the following people who inspire my work!


Adriene Mishler is an incredible yoga teacher, actress, writer and entrepreneur from Austin, Texas. Adriene hosts the YouTube channel Yoga with Adriene, an online community of over 8 million subscribers.



Prof Whorwell is an author, Professor of Medicine & Gastroenterology and creator of South Manchester Functional Bowel Unit. He is renowned for his work on the first controlled trial of hypnotherapy in IBS. This research has confirmed the effectiveness of hypnotherapy treatment in IBS allowing for its endorsement by NICE in the UK! This is a HUGE deal!!!


Read more on the University of Manchester website.


Dr Joe Dispenza is a researcher, lecturer and best-selling author. His interest lies in demystifying the mystical so that people have all the tools within their reach to transform their lives.


Bruce H. Lipton, PhD is an international leader bridging science and spirit. He is pioneering the way of what is begin called "the new biology". Dr. Lipton's work summarising his findings can be found in The Biology of Belief.


Tony Robbins is an entrepreneur, bestselling author and one of the best life & business strategist in the world. 

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