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Natalie's IBS Journey

Episode 4: Paying it Forward
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Episode 6
Paying it forward:Tracey's Story of having therapy for IBS
Show Notes

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If you're looking for the accompanying notes for episode 6, paying it forward: Tracey's story of having therapy for IBS, from My IBS Story - the podcast you're in the right place!


Let’s jump into today's episode! 

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Purpose of this episode: ✔️ to share Tracey's therapeutic journey with you, pre- and post- IBS treatment! 

In this episode I am joined one of my RTT for IBS clients, Tracey. 

I have trained in RTT and specialise in helping clients with IBS, just as Tracy helped me.

You are not stuck with IBS forever. 

Relief from IBS is available to you!


Want to find out more about RTT?

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 Text Natalie on 07503 817 397 (UK number)

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Full Transcript


Natalie: Hello! Welcome to my IBS story, I’m Natalie and I’m here to tell you my story of living with IBS for 14 years and how I eventually became free from the IBS! The symptoms can be alleviated, you can have relief from the symptoms so I am sharing my story so you can do it too!


Welcome to episode six, as you know I am a Rapid Transformational Therapy practitioner and I specialise in helping people that have irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and in today's episode I am joined by one of the clients that I’ve worked with to help them get relief from the IBS. And they're going to be sharing their story with you so that you can get an even better feeling for actually what Rapid Transformational Therapy is and to find out what happened for them. So let me introduce them! Thank you so much for joining me and I would love you to introduce yourself to the listeners!


Tracey: Hi Natalie! Thanks for inviting me, my name is Tracey and I am from the UK.


Natalie: Wonderful! And so we did RTT together for IBS, we worked together 10 months ago, almost to the day! So let's start with the most exciting bit which is what RTT did for you! So what happened after the session Tracey?


Tracey: Well unexpected changes to be honest with you! I mean the first night after we had the session I had the first full night sleep I’ve had in such a long time!


It was incredible, I went to bed, fell asleep I didn't wake up till, you know, seven the next morning! I remember you saying! Which never happened so that was that was a bonus really!


It made me feel great! I definitely felt like there was a weight off my shoulders straight away, that was 100! There was a weight off my shoulders!


I felt lighter in myself, I felt empowered, I felt great! …but it was a process.


It was like I kind of opened up to life…whereas I’d been kind of closed before and didn't realize I was closed, even relationship wise…you know I’d been single for quite a long time. I really felt stuck in that situation because even though I was trying, nothing was working.


Natalie: I think you’d been single for like seven years or something? Is that right?


Tracey: Yes, since I’d separated from my ex-husband, been you know single for all those years and it wasn't that I didn't want to be in a relationship, I definitely did!


But it was like I was putting this mental block on myself, yeah…we started a relationship…probably five days later (after the RTT session) that me and him met actually! We're still together now!


Natalie: Are you?


Tracey: Yeah, we're still together…the best relationship that I’ve ever had in my life! Just it's gone from strength to strength, you know, we've been together now nearly 10 months…RTT was a pivotal moment in my life, after we…in our session it was like I opened up like a flower and allowed him to come into my life! So that was an amazing thing!


I felt amazing in myself, as time's gone on I’ve kind of realized my stomach doesn't hurt me, you know, I’m not doubled over in pain!


If I’m in a stressful situation my tummy feels relaxed and I feel comfortable. I don't feel restricted clothes-wise anymore, it makes me feel thinner, it makes me feel lighter…that's another little thing, as well you're feeling thinner, lighter anyway because you don't have IBS, it has a knock-on effect to your diet too because you think “well yeah, I feel great, I will carry on eating healthily” and having the effects of that…so my confidence grew, my self-esteem grew, so it's not just the IBS, it's everything!


Natalie: Amazing and what about the psychological emotional and mental kind of side of things?


Tracey: I think now I have systems in place that enables me to be able to deal with any emotional issues that I have, psychological issues that I have, and I’m able to kind of turn it around and I don't get worried either because I know that that system is in place for me. I don't have to stress about that anymore!


And I treat myself like I would treat a best friend basically, so that gives me a sense of peace and you know RTT gave me that and if you can do that, that doesn't mean you don't need to talk to anybody else, if you go to yourself first and listen to yourself first and work through that issue it puts you in a better mind frame, a better place to actually go to somebody else and say “can I talk to you about it?”


So if I have any problem that could trigger IBS, I’ve got a system in place where I can use it and I can feel so much better! I don't have to stress about that anymore you know…really light in my emotional state and light physically as well.


Natalie: Good! Do you have any IBS flare-ups?


Tracey: No, not that I can think of, I mean I can't think of any time…I can tell just by my clothes because when it was uncomfortable to wear anything at all and after our session I don't feel restricted anymore.


When we take that power back when we say “oh, actually yeah I can control what happens to me”, if you know, life just gets so much better!


Your confidence grows, your self-esteem sores, you know it has a knock-on effect…it's not just the IBS…it has a knock-on effect to your whole life and that's probably why I ended up in a relationship after being on my own for such a long time.


Natalie: So before we go into the details of your RTT session Tracey, let's talk about actually what you were really suffering with, what you were experiencing in terms of the IBS and how it was affecting you in your life.

Tracey: Before we did the RTT session, well I think actually 10 months ago we was in the midst of covid which obviously was extremely stressful for everybody and IBS was really bad at that time. It was so painful, my tummy was bloated every day and not just bloated it was really painful and even to wear any type of clothing was painful, so it was kind of depressing because it made me feel very overweight and it made me feel I was kind of stuck in this problem that I just couldn't get out of basically. And nothing that I did was helping, and it kind of makes you feel very despondent, it makes you feel hopeless because whatever you do, nothing ever works.


Yeah, I mean I can relate to that! Was definitely my experience and I’m sure some of the listeners will be able to relate to that too. So in terms of the IBS, what actual physical symptoms did you have?


Tracey: It was more constipation for me but as a diagnosis I did go to the doctors and the answer you get basically is “who doesn't have to deal with that?” you know “who doesn't have IBS? Who doesn't suffer with constipation?” and again you feel so despondent because there's no way out for you!


You just…you can't do it yourself and you go to the doctor's for help, you know, and you're kind of told to get on with it, you're not the only one that has to deal with it. So just, you know, go away basically…


Natalie: ...yeah like you said, it makes us feel hopeless and helpless, like “well am I meant to live with this forever? Are you telling me there's no cure? Like what are you actually telling me here?”


Tracey: You try all sorts of things and the things that you try can actually kind of make it worse because I can remember being so, oh, just so much in pain! And just so sick of it!!


You know, I’d go out and buy things that would make me go to the toilet with lots of fibre in there and that actually made it worse. It was really excruciating.


So that in itself, you just feel like, you know, what else can I do really? I didn't know which way to turn to be honest with you.


Natalie: Yeah, no I understand, so I think you've articulated really nicely…if I can say that? Like in terms of the physical impact IBS had on you as well as the psychological impacts that it had on you as well…


Tracey: ...yeah I mean it is the combination of both of those things, I mean I used to sit at work, I used to work in an office and every single day it would be absolute agony and you do accept it because there's nothing else you can do…on top of that…you've been dealing with it for years!


Natalie: Kind of grinds you down doesn't it? …it did for me anyway…


Tracey: Yeah it does, I mean it's like having constant toothache, it's always there in the background and the longer that it goes on, the more it grinds you down because you feel that you can't get out of it, there's no way out of this situation that you're in and nobody's there to listen to you either...


Natalie: ...yeah, and I guess by that you're kind of meaning the medical professions? Or were there are other people as well in your life that weren't listening too?


Tracey: Probably just the doctor that I went to see I think because it was something that I dealt with from a child it kind of was ingrained in me that it was just the norm, but there was periods in my life where it would really get me down…but to turn to a doctor and for them just to kind of, you know, shoe you away, you know, in a way then you think…”well that's it”, you know, that's…that's my lot…that's gonna be me for the rest of my life!


Natalie: Yeah, I had exactly the same! And I said this in the first episode like it's me and the IBS for life, we're gonna be coexisting, so I’m gonna have to find a way to get on with this…and that is a hard realization to actually deal with. I think that's a burden!


So in terms of the triggers then…do you want to just run us through what kind of things would have triggered the IBS?


Tracey: Yeah, I mean stress is a trigger, I think a stressful relationship in the past…that was a trigger for me, oh when my dad died…that was a trigger, when I’m lacking confidence as well when I’m in a situation where I’m lacking in confidence and I’m unsure of myself…I think that can be a trigger for me and, you think of, you know, I’ve got really bad stomach-ache, you know, it's really overwhelming and probably years ago I kind of just kept sweeping it under the carpet but the last six years because it's been more regular and more and more regular.


I’ve kind of thought “oh yeah”, so then I was taking more notice of “oh, well obviously, you know, my dad's dying - that's a stressful situation!


Oh, I’m in a toxic relationship - that's a trigger!” And probably the mist was clearing in my head and realizing that if ever I was in a really stressful situation then that's when it would really flare up and be extremely bad…and covid was the worst! I mean it was unbearable.


Natalie: And were there any foods that it was like “no go! Don't go near, or suffer the consequences!!”


Tracey: Yeah, I still ate them to be honest with you…you know I remember talking about this in our session actually…it was fruit! You know, I can eat fruit now fruit, apples and bananas and all that kind of thing, yeah it was always fruit, it was things with lots of fibre in.


Natalie: Okay, thanks for explaining that, so did you have any worries or were you apprehensive about having RTT? Were you worried about…I don't know anything about the process?


Tracey: No, I wouldn't say I was overwhelmed with nerves, excited more than anything to be honest with you, because what what had I got to lose?


I’ve got nothing to lose you know I was in a safe environment, you know, I trusted you, I knew that if nothing else, you would be somebody who understood and that was kind of it, if it worked then my goodness, that would be amazing!


So you know, I believed in the process…and the power is always within us to change our lives…always! You just need somebody sometimes to guide you to that point and I knew that you would be the guide to help me to solve this challenge that I had at the time…and I’m so glad that you did!


Natalie: So you said you believed in the process, so there was no element of doubt? Did you believe that “oh I don't know if this is going to give me any relief”?


Tracey: I suppose there's always an element of doubt because you think well I’ve had this problem for you know in my entire life nearly you know am I going to be able to change this with the help of you and so I suppose there was a little bit of doubt…at the same time you know as I said what had I got to lose it was the right thing for me definitely.


Natalie: I totally relate to that, I felt exactly the same, like I said, exactly the same, what do I have to lose?! Literally what do you have to lose? You might gain everything here!


 Tracey: Absolutely!


Natalie: So yeah, you took the jump just as I did yeah. Why did you decide to have RTT with me? Because you didn't have to do that, right? You chose to do that.


 Tracey: Yes, yeah…well because I do believe in RTT and I had been looking into it for quite a while before I finally found you and obviously I had the problem with IBS and because you had been on your own journey I knew that you would understand, I knew that you saw it as a problem that could be solved so I wasn't going to get the same response as I got from a doctor so I thought you know what have I got to lose? This is a good chance for me to solve a lifelong problem, so that's why I decided to go with you.


Natalie: I’m so glad that you did come across me!


Now let's talk about then the whole process and the journey together then…so tell me how you kind of experienced RTT, so we had a consultation over zoom, we then did the RTT session over zoom and we did a follow-up.


So do you want to just briefly talk us through those things of what you remember?


Tracey: Probably don't remember the intake form to be honest with you (consultation) only that you kind of giving you my personal information and that you kind of told me the process so that I was aware of what was going to happen, so there was no apprehension of what was going to happen through the session.


You took me through the whole process of it and then the actual session was kind of mind-blowing in a way, it was the first time that I’d ever had RTT, the things that came to me when we was going through it I’d never asked myself those questions before and it was so insightful to me that it was like from nowhere!


This kind of information came to me about the situation that I’ve been in the reason why I had IBS and there was no way that I would have ever got to those answers without the guidance of you! So it was like a massive light bulb, you know, there was a light bulb that would go off and thinking “oh yeah, that's why you know, of course, that makes a lot of sense to me now.” I would have never got there by myself, I would have never asked those questions, so yeah it was so enlightening and such a, oh just incredible experience actually!


I really enjoyed it and…and felt exhausted afterwards to be honest with you because of all these years it's kind of you in darkness and then all of a sudden somebody switches the light on and says “oh, you know, this is why you have had these issues” but you can actually turn it around and…and change it and and that's incredible!


Natalie: This is what we did!


Tracey: Absolutely… because the power is within you and in RTT, you know, you're the guy that takes you to that place so it was an incredible experience it really was.


 I remember it quite clearly and like you said it was like a light bulb had gone off it was really like aha! Wow! this is incredible how my mind has worked and why IBS why the symptoms are kind of manifested in your life!


We could have guessed beforehand like "oh, why do we think that Tracey has IBS?" And you could try and guess all you like but you were never going to get the right answer other than going into into yourself really and getting the answers in in hypnosis!


When you're totally relaxed and just let the answers come.

Tracey: Absolutely I mean in today's day and age and what I did originally you go to the doctors and you go for kind of medication and to treat the symptoms instead of dealing with the cause…and that is the problem…we are so quick to treat these symptoms these days and they're not actual fact what we should be doing is treating the cause and that is what RTT is about, you know, it is about kind of investigating it, it's digging down, it's looking for the answers of the reasons, why you've got the symptoms that you've got and actually kind of rooting it out. Looking at it for what it is and then turning it around and actually going in a different direction where medication can never do that!


You're just kind of managing the symptoms, it's like you're managing what's going off and also you know medication have side effects and you’re kind of victim for the rest of your life…whereas RTT is the complete opposite of that! It's empowering, it gives you the answers that you need to actually deal with your own challenges that you have at the time…so it was very empowering…very empowering.


Natalie: Yeah, I love the way you put that! Well that is all of my questions Tracey, is there anything you want to add?


Tracey: No, just to say thank-you and that I really appreciated what you did for me…it has been life-changing…definitely life-changing…life's never been so good to be quite frank and life is getting better and better all the time!


Natalie: It was my pleasure, you are more than welcome! That's exactly why I do this.


Tracey: It's so worthwhile, you know, you think IBS to people like the doctor you know everybody deals with it get on with it…well I would say no! Go and deal with it because it can have knock-on effects to the rest of your life! That you wouldn't even believe it could!! So it's such a worthwhile thing doing!


Natalie: Yeah, I could not agree more given my experience as well, so thank-you so much for your time Tracey and thank-you so much for sharing so honestly and openly with me and with the listeners. I’m sure it will be valuable and helpful to people listening right now that are suffering with IBS and feeling alone, misunderstood and now they're feeling like “yeah, there are people that do understand me, that get me and they get where I’m coming from” and I think that's really important because, like you said, like sometimes the medical professionals, they're very dismissive and kind of like brush you off and that's not okay.


Tracey: No, it isn't and you're absolutely right, yeah there is a way out and it's a way that it can benefit you in all kinds of ways! It's amazing!


Natalie: Thank you so much for sharing your story Tracey and thank you for joining me!


If you are curious to find out more about how I can help you get relief from the IBS or how RTT can help you get relief from IBS please do get in touch with me you can email me, text me or you can even book a free no obligation consultation call with me that we will do online and I can answer any questions that you might have for me there.


So that's all for today's episode, thanks for listening and if you could write a review, subscribe, rate and spread the word about this podcast to anyone you know that has IBS that would be great! :) xxx

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