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Natalie's IBS Journey

Episode 3: The Leap of Faith
The Show Notes

Episode 3
The Turning Point with IBS  
Show Notes

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If you're looking for the show notes for episode 3 of "My IBS Story"  you're in the right place!


Hand on heart this is an open and honest account of my experience, so if you're ready...let’s talk all things IBS and Rapid Transformational Therapy!


Purpose of this episode: to tell the story of my "turning point" in my life with IBS. 

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In this episode I will be talking to the person that turned things around for me:

what led to my turning point

how we met

what she told me & why

why I decided to go for it!

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What led to my turning point?

I had a total of 14 years of suffering with IBS, once I was diagnosed I had 7 years of trying everything the medical professionals asked me to do, all the prescriptions, suggestions and recommendations with minimal change in symptoms. It was time to either give up on me, or take my health into my own hands.

I chose the latter, and self-care became my top priory. It was 2018, I was 30 years old and I decided to go on a week-long meditation retreat with The Monroe Institute (UK) in Warwickshire for some self-care - at a beautiful place called the Purley Chase Centre. Before arriving I had let the staff know about my dietary requirements (low FODMAP diet) and I was looked after very well! 


It was at this retreat where I reached the "turning point.

How we met

At this week-long retreat I knew I would be sharing a room with someone, but didn't know who it would be until I arrived. The person was Mariotta Cuthbertson, founder of Healing the Trauma (HTT). Mariotta noticed I was eating a "bland diet" and so we got talking about the IBS.


What Mariotta told me & why

Mariotta told me about Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) for the IBS. She explained to me her journey with IBS, then later cancer, and how she had just come through the other side of that journey. It was Mariotta's belief (and many others, including Louise Hay) that you can heal your body, and a method Mariotta had heard about was RTT, created by Marisa Peer.

Mariotta said that she told me about RTT because she felt it was what I needed to do - to deal with things from my past. 

Why I decided to go for it!

Despite being a MASSIVE skeptic (having a background in Public Health, and working in the medical sphere for around a decade) I decided to look into RTT. 


When I got home after the wonderful retreat I looked into RTT, found a local practitioner and had a free consultation. After the consultation I thought "what do you have to lose Natalie? Worst case scenario: you'll loose some money. Best case: you'll be pain and symptom free!" So...I decided to go for it! 

Since having 1 RTT session in 2018 I have been pain-free and the symptom-free ever since!



I can now see from the scientific evidence exactly why RTT worked to treat the IBS I had lived with for some 14 years:


  • RTT combines hypnotherapy, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), psychotherapy and neurolinguistic programming (NLP). 

  • NICE recommend that someone who has tried prescribed medication for IBS for 12 months and has not had relief, that they next try a psychological intervention which could be hypnotherapy, CBT or psychological therapy. 

  • RTT contains two of the recommended interventions in one therapy (hypnotherapy and CBT) so to me it is no surprise why RTT not only gave me relief from IBS, but freedom from IBS.

RTT gave my life back.

I was told it was going to be me and the IBS for life, and I am a living example of proof that IBS does not have to be lifelong! 

I feel so passionate about RTT for IBS because it gave me my life back. I don’t have to follow a low FODMAP diet and I am free to do what I want, when I want, no longer restricted by any of the symptoms! Life is worth living again.

I have made it my mission to share RTT, my expertise and experience with as many people as possible, especially anyone who has been told that they have to live with IBS because this is absolute BS! This is why I specialise in working with people with IBS


If you'd like to find out more about having RTT for IBS, or have any questions please get in touch, I'd love to hear from you! 


I trust that you found this episode insightful, found these notes helpful and I look forward to talking to you in the next episode.


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Mariotta Cuthberton

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The Next Episode


In Episode 4, I will be talking to the RTT Therapist, Tracy Stone, who I had RTT with back in 2018. We will be covering:

→ what RTT is

→ what is involved with RTT

Support for Thoughts of Suicide 

UK: When life is difficult, Samaritans are available day or night, 365 days a year. You can call them for free on 116 123, email them at, or visit to find your nearest branch.


United States: Help is available through the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. You can call them for free 24/7 on 1-800-273-8255


With love,


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Full Transcript


Natalie: Hello! Welcome to My IBS Story, I'm Natalie and I'm here to tell you my story of living with IBS for 14 years and how I eventually became free from the IBS! No symptoms, no pain, no flare-ups. I hope to be the light at the end of the tunnel for anyone living with IBS. Your symptoms can be alleviated at the very least, so I am sharing my story so you can do it too :)


Natalie: Hello, welcome to episode three. In this episode I will be talking about the turning point for me in the IBS, which I referred to in episode two, and in this episode, I’m going to be talking to the person that bought about that change! And if you'd like to follow along with the show notes for today's episode please head on over to

Natalie: So to paint the scene for you, I was 30 years old, I’d been living with IBS for about 14 years, at this point, my body as you know was in quite a bad way. I was having flare-ups all the time, I had these anal fissures because of the chronic constipation, no one knew how to fix those, so I was in a lot of pain and I was really struggling to manage the IBS symptoms and so self-care really did become the priority for me. So yeah, I decided to book myself onto a meditation retreat for one week and that was in Warwickshire. I’d never done a week-long retreat before so I didn't really know what to expect but obviously I let the organizer know my very specific dietary requirements which was the low FODMAP diet. The other thing…I realized I would be sharing a room with someone for the week but I wouldn't find out who the person was until I arrived and met them…and the person that I shared the room with on that week-long retreat in 2018 was Mariotta Cuthbertson, and she joins me now! She is the person that changed things for me and the IBS. So Mariotta, please introduce yourself.


Mariotta: My name is Mariotta Cuthbertson and I work with adults who've been abused as children and I also teach other healers and out there my methods of working with their clients who've been abused and the methods that I teach them and I use in individual sessions are very quick and very rapid and we get to the source of their abuse very quickly, where traditional therapy just seems to take forever and who nowadays who has got the time to spend years in therapy? When we can get to heal the source very quickly.


Natalie: So yeah, she's an amazing lady in her own right but she is the reason why I’m now free from IBS. That is the truth, and so Mariotta, we met at a week-long retreat right?

Mariotta:We did yeah.


Natalie: ...Like I don't know how many years ago? It must be three years?


Mariotta: Yeah it's three years.


Natalie: I’m not really sure how you knew I was suffering with IBS…do you remember how we got talking about IBS?


Mariotta: I do, I remember when we used to go for meals and the food was really nice and they seemed to cater for a lot of different dietary requirements but I noticed you had your meals done very specifically. You were the only person in the whole group that had particular meals and I’m very aware of what people eat because I turned vegan because I had cancer to help with my healing process, so I’m always very aware when other people are doing the same thing and I wondered why you were eating a very bland diet.


Natalie: It was, it was very limiting and restrictive. I love food and I didn't enjoy living like that at all! I’m glad I don't anymore. Yeah so, you noticed that I was eating differently and blandly...


Mariotta: Yeah and I think because we were sharing a room it breaks down all those barriers because you're in your most humblest, with no sort of barriers around you that you tend to sort of ditch the small talk and just get straight into what you're really thinking about and how you're really feeling and that's what we did.


Natalie: Yeah that is what we did.

Mariotta: And you're very open and honest so we touched on a lot of very deep subjects which we just wouldn't have done if we had just met in the cafeteria or we hadn't shared a room.


Natalie: Yes, so true and so one of those things Mariotta that you told me about was something called rapid transformational therapy or RTT for short, and I’m just wondering can you explain to me and the listeners why it was that you even mentioned this therapy to me?


Mariotta: I think because I had sort of found out this school of thought where when you had a physical symptom it was your body's way of telling you that you had emotional issues that you had to deal with and somebody had given me that book from Louise Hay you can heal your body, so I understood what you were going through, so because I had just come out the other side of cancer when we met, when you had IBS, and I thought you really need to deal with your past issues and I know that traditional therapy is just too long. But with RTT therapy you're going into your own memories, you're dealing with it, the therapist there is just a facilitator, they're facilitating your process, you are doing your own healing, you can’t argue with your own memories, you can’t argue with what you're seeing, coming from your own mind and that's where the healing comes rapidly. And RTT was perfect for you.


Natalie: Yes and it was because of that conversation that we had back in September 2018 why…I don't know if you actually know this but literally when I got home after that week-long retreat it was one of the first things I did when I had wi-fi back at home (because I hadn't been on my mobile all week that week…like just had a digital detox). I went home and I very purposefully researched RTT because back then I was a massive sceptic about using hypnotherapy, using different therapies for healing…”what my body? Nah, that's not gonna work!” I was like “wait, I’ve been suffering really quite badly for the last 15 or so years, I don't think Mariotta's got a reason to have told me anything that's anything but true”, so I researched it to find out what it is and if I really felt like it was going to help me. And I figured “well, the worst case scenario is I lose a bit of money”, “the best case scenario is I’m actually gonna have relief from the IBS or actually I might not have IBS anymore” and I was like “I am doing this”, and yeah it was just because of that conversation, because you told me about RTT why I had it! And yeah, I have absolutely no regrets and I’m just deeply, deeply thankful and grateful that you told me about it!


Mariotta: You're a completely, completely different person. I mean, yeah, you're just so alive and even looking now you are just a different person and what is absolutely huge about that is because of your background...


Natalie: and what Mariotta's referring to there is that I used to work in the NHS and in local government in public health so I would be working in things like sexual health, mental health, all things medical for the population


Mariotta: ...your background and leading up to us meeting was going down the traditional route of what we're conditioned to think and believe. You had been told you were going to live on laxatives for the rest of your life, there was no cure, and yet you took on board what I said.


Natalie: I absolutely did!!! So yeah that's all your fault Mariotta (laughs).


Mariotta: I’m very humble about that, well you're speaking very honestly about your past, your symptoms, how it affected you, who has helped you and your journey, and people need to see the journey, and that you've had that courage and if other people have the courage to do that too then…well just look at you! You are a shining example, but not only are you a shining example because you've done the journey, you will recognize every symptom when somebody comes to you, you will know exactly where they are and exactly where they need to go next and help them on their journey which is just perfect. You have to experience it yourself in order to help others. 


Natalie: Yes! Well thank you so much for sharing what you remember, it’s been really helpful I’m sure for the listeners.


Mariotta: You're welcome.


Natalie: So Mariotta told me about rapid transformational therapy. I wanted to find out what this was all about and if it was actually going to be able to possibly help me with the IBS, so I researched RTT, decided to find a practitioner near me, I sent them an inquiry and they got back to me pretty quick and then we booked a consultation and by the end of the consultation I had got the information I needed. When I hung up the phone I thought to myself “Natalie, what do you have to lose? The worst case scenario is you lose some money, the best case scenario is you could be pain-free symptom free or you have relief from the IBS”…but don't you want that? Yeah, of course I wanted that!


Natalie: So I went for it and guess what not only have the IBS symptoms been relieved, I’ve actually had no symptoms of IBS since having that RTT session and that is how I became free from IBS, no flare-ups, no pain, no symptoms and so I am incredibly passionate about RTT because it gave me my life back! I don't have to follow a low FODMAP diet anymore, I don't have a life on laxatives, I’m not restricted anymore and I actually landed up leaving my career in public health to help people with IBS using rapid transformational therapy because it had such a profound change in my life.


Natalie: And so in the next episode, in episode 4, I will be joined by the RTT therapist that helped me overcome the IBS and she's basically the reason why I no longer have the IBS because she helped me overcome it, she facilitated that session. and so in the next episode Tracy and I will be talking about what RTT is and what came up for me during the session. So you can get a feel for what RTT really is and whether you feel like it's something worth doing for yourself. So that's all for today's episode. Thanks for listening! I’m sure that there was something that you could take from today's talk with Mariotta that will help you going forwards and if you could write a review, subscribe, rate and spread the word about this podcast to anyone you know that has IBS that would be great :) xxx

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