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In the podcast, My IBS Story, Natalie shares her journey with IBS, including how she became free from IBS since 2018. 


Natalie shares her experience - unfiltered! So if you want to hear an honest account from someone who lived with IBS for 14 years and everything that came with it (the physical, mental health issues and more), you're in the right place!


Whether you have IBS or know someone with IBS, you are welcome!

This podcast will give you a real life insight into long-term suffering with IBS, and shine a light of possibility for people living with IBS to get welcome relief or even free from IBS! Just as Natalie has.

Start listening today!

Podcast episodes and show notes are available below:

Episode 1 - Consumed by IBS

Listen                  Show notes

Please note: this episode is rated "explicit": sexual references, references to suicidal ideation 

Episode 2 - Life with IBS

Listen                  Show notes

Episode 3 - The turning point with IBS

Listen                  Show notes


Episode 4 - The therapy that helped me and the IBS

Listen                  Show notes

Episode 5 - Why did I have IBS?

Listen                  Show notes

Episode 6

coming soon!

CREDIT: Sol Rising (intro & outro music)

Check Sol Rising out on Spotify

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