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Natalie's IBS Journey

Episode 4: Paying it Forward
The Show Notes

Episode 9
How is IBS affecting you?
Show Notes

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If you're looking for the accompanying notes for episode 9, Hos is IBS affecting you?, from My IBS Story - the podcast you're in the right place!


Let’s jump into today's episode! 


Purpose of this episode: 

✔️to help you understand how the IBS is affecting you and your life

If you want to skip ahead:

 IBS Quiz questions

 Thoughts of Suicide


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I want you to know that you are not stuck with IBS forever. 

Relief from IBS is available to you!

I have trained in RTT and specialise in helping clients with IBS.


Ways to find out more about RTT for IBS?

 Email Natalie

 Book a FREE consultation with Natalie

 Text Natalie on 07503 817 397 (UK number)

 Check out Natalie's web page for more info about RTT for IBS


Support for Thoughts of Suicide

Below is a list of organisations dedicated to helping those in need in different countries and regions. These are recognised crisis services. 


The websites and could help you find organisations for regions not listed below:


Lifeline Australia 

Kids Helpline

13 11 14

1800 55 1800

Argentina Centro de Asistencia al Suicida - Buenos Aires

135 (desde Capital y Gran Buenos Aires) 

(011) 5275-1135 (desde todo el país)

Brazil Centro de Valorização da Vida188


Centre de Prévention du Suicide /

Zelfmoordlijn 1813

0800 32 123


Bulgaria Български Червен Кръст 02 492 30 30

Czech Republic Psychiatrická léčebna Bohnice - Centrum krizové intervence 
+420 284 016 666

Denmark Livslinien70201201

France S.O.S Amitié09 72 39 40 50

Finland Suomen Mielenterveysseura / Kansallinen kriisipuhelin09-2525-0111

Germany Telefonseelsorge0800-1110111


Greece ΚΛΙΜΑΚΑ1018
801 801 99 99

Hong Kong 香港撒瑪利亞防止自殺會2389 2222

Hungary S.O.S. Telefonos Lelki Elsősegély Szolgálat06 1 116-123 

India आसरा

Ireland Samaritans116 123

Israelער"ן - עזרה ראשונה נפשית1201

Italy Samaritans Onlus800 86 00 22 


New Zealand Lifeline New Zealand0800 543 354

Netherlands Stichting 113Online0900-0113

Singapore Samaritans of Singapore1800-221-4444


Telèfon de l'Esperança de Barcelona

Teléfono de la Esperanza

93 414 48 48

717 003 717

South Korea 한국자살예방협회1393

Taiwan 生命線協談專線1995

Thailand กรมสุขภาพจิต กระทรวงสาธารณสุข1323

United Kingdom Samaritans116 123

United States of America

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

1-800-273-8255 / Chat

With love,


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