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Workplace Wellbeing

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One of Natalie's Public Health specialities was mental health, so Natalie knows all too well the impact of workplace wellbeing it has on staff retention, absence, team morale, productivity and much more. 


If you have a happy workforce your team will be more focused and productive, your employees will have improved job satisfaction, be more engaged and…team members will be collaborative and compassionate at work, making work an even more pleasurable place to be.


Natalie has experience working with HR departments in the public and private sector.

Meditation Class

Your WorkplaceNeeds

Whether you’d like to offer your valued employees:

  • A lunch & learn, talk or masterclass

  • A one-off meditation session

  • Regular meditation sessions

  • Group hypnotherapy 

  • Offer RTT with Natalie as part of your Workplace Wellbeing Package.

Send an enquiry about your requirements and Natalie will get back to you.

Meditation Class



Transport Research Laboratory Ltd.

“I became aware of Natalie’s guided meditations during the first COVID lockdown in the UK, spring 2020.


I thoroughly enjoyed the sessions that I did during that period so when we were planning TRL’s virtual wellbeing sessions for 2021 Natalie’s name was right at the top of my list. She is a natural. Her voice and approach are so calming, leading even the most skeptical listener to a place of calm and relaxation.


Natalie is both reassuring and firm ensuring that you make sure you get the most from the session. She explains the process and purpose clearly and gently leads you through the activity.


We received fantastic feedback from staff who took part and on top of that Natalie is professional and incredibly easy to do business with.


I wouldn’t hesitate to use her again.”


Del Cuttilan, Head of Compliance, TRL Ltd.

Relaxing with Music

Meditation themes

Natalie can offer tailored meditations or you can choose from one of the following themes:

  • Relax and unwind

  • Perfect concentration

  • Calm your nerves

  • Get motivated

If there is a themed meditation you’d like specifically tailored to your employee needs Natalie would love to create and deliver it for you and your employees!


Get in touch with your requirements using the Enquiry box or click the button below.


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