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Life on laxatives

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

If you suffer with IBS-C (constipation) you'll know exactly what I mean.

Doctors say there's "no know cause of the IBS" AND "there's no known cure for IBS". To me, this meant one thing, life on laxatives.

I tried a bunch of laxative and stool softeners over the years, here's how I rated them from worst to best (taste, texture and effectiveness to ease constipation):

6) Lactulose (do NOT take this guy - this made IBS symptoms worse - farting, bloating, trapped wind, zero constipation relief)

5) Fybogel (gag! the texture of this is just blurgh)

4) Senakot (easy to take, next to zero constipation relief)

3) Dulcolax (again, easy to take, next to zero constipation relief)

2) Movicol (taste is odd but constipation relief and no nasty side effects)

1) Laxido (best flavor and constipation relief and no nasty side effects)

Taking laxatives and stool softeners daily is no fun! The texture can be is iffy, the flavour can be rank, it's not a nice process to go through. It took a long time to find something that worked for me, which made it a trying process.

You know what, I'm not even sure it was all worth the agro. I'm not 100% convinced the laxatives and stool softeners worked for me. I had so many fissures because of the IBS-C (constipation), and that was after years of taking various laxatives / stool softeners.

Not just that though, this all of this affected me emotionally and mentally. I felt so sluggish, meh and had not much energy or motivation. I was putting myself through the daily laxative ritual to find that...I'M STILL CONSTIPATED. Hooray - a new fissure. Excellent!

IBS can make you feel so helpless, hopeless and fucking awful.

You can feel very alone, like no one understands, and you may feel like other's think you're exaggerating the symptoms or how you feel.

I also want you to know that the symptoms of IBS can be alleviated, you can be relieved of constipation NATURALLY, without medicine, laxatives or stool softeners! I know because I do not take any of this shit (pun intended) anymore, and I am IBS-free.

Fed up trying to medicate or control the IBS-C, constipation or any other IBS symptom?

If it's a "yes!" get in touch.

I know that I can help you and that you can be free from this issue!

I know because I am and so are my happy clients!

With love,


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