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Dear IBS...

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

Dear IBS,

You lived with me, uninvited I might add, for 14+ years.

At the time I thought you were the worst thing, some kind of curse, I hated you, but I carried on with life, keeping positive and wearing a smile. IBS, you know how you affected tummy, my bowel movements, my mood, my mental health, the clothes I would wear. IBS, you made me feel bad about myself, I had low self-esteem and I felt irritable, lethargic and groggy. The pain I had in my gut was immense at times, the bloating was a constant reminder of how you (IBS) were in control of my life, and I wasn't! The constipation was too much to bare at times, remember that all inclusive holiday we were on and I had to stop eating because I was in so much pain? ...and you know how much I love food, and the food there was good! What about when we were in Mozambique at a nightclub and I couldn't even dance because I had such bad cramps? And what about all of the skin tears (anal fissures)...I thought that only happened in child birth!

IBS, I felt like I was living in a body that was rebelling, and I was clueless as to what I had done to deserve this curse, this pain, this burden. IBS, you had Doctors and Consultants scratching their heads, doing all kinds of invasive examinations, including flexi-sig (camera up my bum) and I even had an operation to have botox in my bum to "fix" what was going on (which didn't work by the way).

IBS, you had the Doctors and Consultants confused, unsure what to do next for me to ease the symptoms. But you know what IBS, the Doctors and Consultants might have been at a loss, but I was not giving up! If medicine could not give me the answer, I decided that I would find the answer...besides, I know my body better than anyone else...right?!

I was absolutely determined that IBS was not defining me, or controlling my life! Something inside of me knew I should not be living with the burden in my gut (IBS) that stopped me living my fullest life, and I did not stop until I found it.

Fast forward, I now see that you (IBS) were not a curse at all, you were a journey to self-healing and discovery. I know that sounds hippy, but it's true. IBS, you showed me the power of my mind! IBS, I'm actually grateful that you came uninvited into my life because you taught me an invaluable lesson! After discovering Rapid Transformational Therapy and learning how to commanded my own mind to "go back to it's original coding" where "my digestive system works and functions perfectly" here I am, with a perfectly functioning digestive system - no IBS here! I am pain free, symptom free!

Since overcoming IBS, I've heard time and time again "your mess is your message, what's your message?" I can now see that suffering with IBS was my mess, that only I could work out, and I eventually did work it out! I worked out how to heal myself from the IBS. That unwelcome, uninvited guest that lived with me for 15+ years, that got in the way of me having a whole lot of fun and living life to the fullest, but that's all in the past.

I want anyone who is suffering with IBS to know that their symptoms can be relieved, this is SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN! People with IBS could even be completely pain and symptom free, juts like me! Doctors and Consultants across the UK should be telling patients with IBS to have hypnotherapy/cognitive behavior therapy/psychological therapies if they're not responding to treatment. No-one deserves to live with IBS, everyone living with IBS should be told about these therapies in order for the to be able to live their life to the fullest.

IBS, now that you're gone I now see so many positives in you, I am grateful that you visited and that you taught me invaluable lesson. IBS, I am so grateful that you came into my life because now that I worked you out, I can help other people just like I was. I can help other be relieved or free from IBS. That to me is the most valuable and greatest gift of all!

With love,


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